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Peter & Whitney: A Love Story

The Whitney PhotoPeter & Whitney is a story of two friends who lost touch with one another, only to once again find themselves together after several years apart. It spins the tale of their lives together, covering all the bumps and hardships they have to cross, and showing how they grow stronger together as a result. It also features a fair amount of language and fanservice-y pinup moments.

The story kicks off several years after the events of Peter & Company, and is a direct sequel to the original series. While Peter & Company is the story of Peter’s growth as an individual — with the help of his Guardian friend Seth — this comic is the story of Peter and Whitney’s growth together as friends, lovers and lifelong soul mates.

At the start of the comic the Guardians are now long-gone, and Peter, Iggy and the rest no longer share any memories of having them. Peter is now an adult and is preparing to start his own path by heading to an out-of-state liberal arts college. Whitney is gone, having moved away in early high school and completely losing contact with him; as Iggy puts it, she is now his “one that got away.”

A fun fact: a majority of the events in Peter & Company are directly based on the author’s childhood, making the comic semi-autobiographical. Likewise, a good part of Peter & Whitney will also be directly based on true events telling the story of how the two met, as the character of Whitney is based on the author’s real-life wife.

So how will these two crazy kids find each other once more as adults? Ah, there’s the story.

Read the ongoing original Peter & Company series in its entirety here on the Katbox! New pages for both comics are published on every other Monday, with each series alternating which Monday gets new content. So be sure to check each week as both comics will remain regularly updated.

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